The 2007 - 2008 Somerset High School
"Blue Raider" Marching Band Proudly Presents...


43rd Musictown Royal Court


Queen - Haley Chase

King - William Medeiros

Princess - Haley Langton

Miss. Congeniality - Kara Kanuse







This year marks the 43rd year of Somerset's Annual Musictown Festival. This festival celebrating music involves 2 week's worth of events from October 6 - 22, 2016. All of our performing groups will be involved in this event. We invite all parents and friends to come and enjoy all of the events. 

Past Musictown Courts


42nd Musictown Royal Court


Queen - Jillian Brooks-Duval

Princess -

Miss. Congeniality -




41st Musictown Royal Court


Queen -

Princess -

Miss. Congeniality -




40th Musictown Royal Court


Queen - Sydney Chase

Princesses - Emma Botelho and Tess Burns

Miss. Congeniality - Rachel Lake




39th Musictown Royal Court


Queen - Morgan Deplitch

Princess - Sydney Cardinal

Miss. Congenialities - Kelsey Alexander, Tess Burns, and Sydney Cardinal




38th Musictown Royal Court


Queen - Alex Mello

Princess - Melissa Allahua & Kendra Ford

Miss. Congeniality - Alex Mello




37th Musictown Royal Court


King - Andrew DaCosta

Queen - Lauren Costa

Princess - Jessica McCurry & Victoria Hordern

Miss. Congeniality - Aubrey Giasson



36th Musictown Royal Court


King - Zachary St. Ours

Queen - Carley Przystac

Princess - Abbie Levesque & Sarah Mayer

Miss. Congeniality - Lauren Soares



35th Musictown Royal Court


King - Nathan Mendonca

Queen - Angela Bethoney

Princess - Kelly Neufell

Miss. Congeniality - Cassidy Cousineau & Nicole Audette



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